Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cartoonists Draw Blood in NW DC

Met some lovely bleeders for some voluntary blood donation via the Red Cross and Palisades Community Church in NW DC.  Myself and fellow Cartoonists Draw Blood alums (Carolyn, Joe, Troy, Joe, Steven, and Art) donated art-making time and here are several my works from the day.
Because a dog happened.

Liz and I got deep.

This guy was from L.A. so therefore this.

Tell me you garden flowers and I put them on your head.

Not really sure what happened here, but I like it.

Skull, obviously.
P.S. Don't forget about the art show in Mt. Ranier at ReCreative Spaces.  Opening night party with badassassins and Vinyl Vagabonds is October 28th!

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