Thursday, October 6, 2016

Resist (Art) If You Can

Have one painting in ReCreative Spaces new show, "What to do? Resistance Art for 2017 + Beyond," opening March 3rd.  Info here-

Reception is tonight from 7pm-10pm and the show will be up through the 31st.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements coming soon about Artomatic in Crystal City, new art in Takoma Park at the Olive Lounge, DC Zinefest, SPX, and a big Fall show too.  Lot's of good stuff coming soon.


Gearing up for Artomatic Baltimore (November 4th-December 10th) and doing some collaborative experimentation with the one and only Steve Loya as well.

Forrest Fire at Growroom Getdown - IN COLOR!

Steve gave the background of this one a total makeover

Mantra for life?

Steve gave me this water-colored page and inspired the Halloween-centric image

Friday, September 23, 2016

Creeping at Growroom Productions Show - September 2016

Some pretty good stuff happening at the Songbyrd the other night.  Let's do it again soon.

Run Forest, RUN!

Pretzels and Mustard, of course
Forest Fire

Monday, September 19, 2016

SPX and Recent Band Creeps

I haven't been posting much artwork.  Sorry.
Songbyrd- Washington, DC

Bricks- Staunton, VA

Casket Girls
Neumos- Seattle, WA
Black Cat- Washington, DC

The one and only Jaimie Hernandez at SPX

Singing Lupe's praises

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


So this happened.
Yes, the guy I'm pointing out in this painting is green.  Is he a zombie?  Probably.

Pretty funny article in the Montgomery Sentinel.  In print!  Ha, take that internets!!!

Metro beat writer Kathleen Stubbs and I met at the Politically Inclined event and she liked the idea that my paintings depicted riders as zombies.  Sounds zingy, right?  Anyways, it was a fun interview and nice to talk about some of the "creeping" and what goes into it.

"In many ways, as an artist, Gordon becomes a creep any time he rides the Metro and has a sketchbook."  Ha, this is great!

I've always thought of the concept of "creeping" as hard to explain and it is.  The word "creep" has several meanings and in this case all of them are at least a little bit true.  Am I trying to be sly and catch a drawing without you knowing?  Yes.  If you look up and see me staring am I the creep?  Yes, though I prefer "the creeper."  Is there anything "creepy" about this whole thing?  Meh.

Last word, are metro riders actually zombies?  No, but city commuting can be tough on the soul.  Especially if you ride the rails these days.

And also, a link!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

City Council Creepin'

A totally innocent conversation during the reception for Stylized Notions (aka an art show gathering of participants in the blood drive Cartoonists Draw Blood) turned into an invitation (along with fellow artists from the show) to be special guests of the Takoma Park City Council Meeting on July 27th to do some "live drawing."  Click the link for more info about the event and art from my esteemed colleagues.

The four of us that were able to make it, Bill Brown (super sharp scratchboard political cartoonist), Art Hondros (wry humor, expressive, and classic ink works), Steve Loya (full on watercolor and ink splotch monsters), and myself (action sketching and comic jams), all had reserved seats near the front of the meeting to work our wares.  The meeting had several major votes on the docket about development in downtown, which if you know Takoma Park at all you'll understand is a really big deal.  I decided to go full color so I brought along watercolor pencils and a squeezy brush.  Never had done that in a live setting before and I'm happy to say it worked out very well.  The bristol I used was a perfect surface for the speed and and was able to absorb enough water to not buckle much.

Here are the sketches I was able to put together during the two hour session-
Gotta creep the camera guy.  The quote is from something a reporter from the Montgomery Sentinel said.

A drawing of the City Manager

An amalgam of some of the numerous residents who came to the podium to speak about their minds about the proposed development plans

The Mayor and two council members

The audience listens to advocates for upgrades to the library that are long overdue

Activist and all around interesting character, Pat.  An audience member tried to convince me that I have misquoted him saying "Love it!" but I was able to confirm it with him later on.  Hence the cross out in the balloon.

A council member being barraged by things that were said

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

DC Zinefest - 6th Annual

Is Saturday July 23rd.  I helped a bit with organizing this time around and I'll have two new books for sale.  One of which is the final chapter in the "Mr. Squibly's Pooch: Fang" story.  The other is Vinyl Vagabonds #7, done with Sara.  It's good.

Come on and visit.  Tell a friend.

Also, I did this flier.
The pose remind you of anything?  Lion faced long neck stapler?  Voltron?  Anyone?

Stylized Notions

I have seven pieces in this fairly incredible group show in Takoma Park that runs through September 4th.  Well worth your time and visit.

Here are a few creeps I did during the event-
This guy was AWESOME.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Comix - Space 710 - June 2016

Binny Tallboy, colorized, and Binny 22, mini comics, and herbal tea
Here are some pics of my work at the Space 710 gallery in Kefa Cafe in downtown Silver Spring.  The pieces are all original art that I've made for publication in DC based comics compilation Magic Bullet.  Also had some nice archival colorized prints made.  Because, you know, awesome.

I'm planning on posting up at Kefa in the afternoon (12-3?) on June 19th, just to work on some new comics for DC Zinefest and SPX.  Should you be nearby, drop on by, say hi.

(right to left) Mega Turg, colorozed, and Mega Turg Battles
Thanks to Lene and Abeba for hosting the show.  They run the arts space as a non profit focused venture and really care about how art can serve the community.  Especially emerging artists.  For me, it's an honor to show in the space.  I had the good fortune of being able to hang some of my former clients work there in 2011 and the honor to do a solo show there in 2014 of my recent paintings.  A great space and truly vital in Silver Spring.

(right to left) Why Smash Your Guitar?, colorized, Batpocalypse Now, Boom! collage


Several creatures I drew up at the suggestion of guests to "The Comix" at Space 710, Kefa Cafe.  Several might just show up in "Animated Dog Breath #3," coming to an independent comic store near you.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dilly Dally

Got to see Toronto alt/punks Dilly Dally on tour in DC last fall.  DC9 was the perfect venue for it.  My favorite show of 2015.  Got a little creep drawing and photogging in as well.  These three paintings just sort of happened all at once.  Trying to capture the energy of this manic crew was a real challenge.  Did a little bit of experimenting with mixed media and collage paint peels.  Fun.  The band is heading back out on tour, but the fates are not in my favor this time around, I'm going to miss their show at U Street Music Hall. at the end of April.  If you like the paintings- go check the band out.  They kill it.
This one feels just right to me

This is on a very small canvas and I really struggled to get it done

Just hung these up at Olive Lounge in Takoma Park, MD, along with six other paintings from the "Meet The Band" series.