Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Creeper Central Deluxe, Penultimate

Next to last creeper night pics.  Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out.  Want to be a part of the finale?  Saturday the 12th at the final night of Artomatic, I'll be there from 7-10pm or so.  500 artists having a farewell party, plus The Creeper?  You really shouldn't be missing it.

Artomatic 2015, last days are Wednesday through Saturday. 
More info on the whole shebang, click here.

Bazaart true believers!

Art restoration?  Dawn, that's easy, right?

So, um, pigments were only black and white?
You have twenty seconds to comply.

Not convinced...

Now seriously, Linda and I here.  Wow, like old friends.

Best drawing of the night?
Best one?



These two, so fun.  Even got to chill later on.  Reg and And... you all are ok.

Dad, seriously... you and the kids are dope.  Quality finish to a creeper night.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Creeper Central Deluxe

Here's a few folks that stopped in the last time I was doing the "Creeper" thing in Hyattsville at the 2015 Artomatic.  I had fun.  They had fun.  Cookies.  Some drawing happened.  Etc.
Adorable and very patient.

"Can you just sense the records?"

Secret code


These two were super chill and just awesome all around.
I like how this one turned out.

Return customers from 2012!

x 2

x 3

Fish pop?

Sweet.  I really dig this one.

This one too!



What's the deal, weirdo?

Easily the funniest conversation of Artomatic... so far.

These guys wanted to do round two, but I had a bit of a line.  I'm still game!

These guys... so nice.

What an awesome and patient participant.  She was all about it!

I recall this woman making some sort of comment like "I would totally DO the woman in that painting."  Whoa.
So pumped!
Even more pumped!!!
Still two more chances to do it up.  December 4th 7-10 and December 12th (closing night) time TBD.  More info:

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three Locals

Three paintings from the current Artomatic 2015 show that feature local musicians.
Shark Week rules the DIY space

Maureen sings the blues at Republic

"Animal" helps to break in the new sound system at Fringe

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Creeper Central

Meet some of the visitors to "Creeper Central."  They managed to find their way up onto the 4th floor of Artomatic 2015 in Hyattsville to sit in for a five to ten minute session with The Creeper.  Not only that, but some of them were even around for the musicality of Luncheon lead singer and all around super cat, David Burns.  A fun night was had by all.  There was even candy.  Artomatic 2015 runs through December 12th.  Don't miss it!  More info here.
These guys were super cool and brave

Donations accepted

You sir, are ok by me

That was fun

C'mon, get your creep on!

Guess what Dave?  You got CREEPED!