Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Recent Works

Taco Cat
A number of friends have reached out from abroad asking to see some of the recent work I've been showing.  This is the most current stuff.  Canvas are all from the current series of work depicting mostly local musicians in action and the mixed media collages are each their own thing.  I think of the collages as more work samples for commissions (Portraiture, event capture, and street art) and if you are interested send me a line dccreeper1 at gmail.  Turnaround time on the smaller projects is very quick and priced affordable.  Very giftable.

Most of these are currently on view in my studio in Mt. Ranier.  If you're interested in checking them (as well as several others) out, get in touch.

Working on a few very large canvases at the moment.  Stay tuned.