Friday, October 25, 2013

Magic Bullet Artisphere Creeps

These portraits are all from the Saturday artist in residence I did for the Magic Bullet show at the Artisphere.  Show is up till Nov. 2nd.  Good stuff.  Thanks to all the creeped for sitting and chatting with me.
This fella was the on site manager for the Artisphere and was really cool.  I was really happy with how the sketch turned out.

Bruce actually came in on the Thursday before and was extremely interesting.  Highly knowledgeable and uber friendly.

When I scanned these I clipped the bottom of some of the drawings.  This one lost it's cleavage; which takes away from the sultry noir expression.  'spose I could re-scan, but that seems like a lot of work.

This one also got clipped on the bottom.  Kate was drawing her comic at the same time.  A nice capture of art capturing art.

My pops talking about the Nationals.

This couple from Petworth were really cool.  Mike suggests that if I moved to Petworth and had a longer commute, it would increase my "creep" opportunities.  Sound logic.

This young guy was there with his Dad who, forlorned, stated that his son did not "like" comics.  The son seems to like a copy of Mr. Squibly I had there so maybe he's just been reading all the wrong comics till now.

Yenifer wanted her quote bubble to be "What it is" an apparent inside joke that I kind of blew off.  She was funny.

This one of Xiomara was my favorite.  The colors really popped and i think i got a pretty quick an accurate gesture.  I liked her quote and she was just really enthusiastic the entire time.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Book

Here is almost an entire sketchbook of material.  From travels in Norway and life in DC.  Keep it creepy people.