Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Recent Works

Here a re a few samples of recent works that were on display at the TP Community Center from November 2018 through the start of 2019.  I probably should have promoted the show a little harder, but as usual I focused more on the completed works and having them all ready to display.  Most of the paintings incorporate reclaimed/recycled paint peels as collage and the beveled painted frames with empty comic panels.  A few different ideas I've been playing with.  Click one of the images to cycle through and get a closed look at some of the craft.  There are a few others from this show that are much larger, but I just didn't think putting them up on your screen did them any justice.  Contact me - dccreeper1 at gmail - if you're interested in seeing any at my studio in Mt. Ranier.  You can also see a lot of other works in progress on my insta feed where I am- dccreeper1.  Cheers.

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