Tuesday, August 9, 2016


So this happened.
Yes, the guy I'm pointing out in this painting is green.  Is he a zombie?  Probably.

Pretty funny article in the Montgomery Sentinel.  In print!  Ha, take that internets!!!

Metro beat writer Kathleen Stubbs and I met at the Politically Inclined event and she liked the idea that my paintings depicted riders as zombies.  Sounds zingy, right?  Anyways, it was a fun interview and nice to talk about some of the "creeping" and what goes into it.

"In many ways, as an artist, Gordon becomes a creep any time he rides the Metro and has a sketchbook."  Ha, this is great!

I've always thought of the concept of "creeping" as hard to explain and it is.  The word "creep" has several meanings and in this case all of them are at least a little bit true.  Am I trying to be sly and catch a drawing without you knowing?  Yes.  If you look up and see me staring am I the creep?  Yes, though I prefer "the creeper."  Is there anything "creepy" about this whole thing?  Meh.

Last word, are metro riders actually zombies?  No, but city commuting can be tough on the soul.  Especially if you ride the rails these days.

And also, a link!

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