Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cartoonists Draw Blood in Montgomery County

Pics of the fine folks who donated blood (most of them did) to the Red Cross.  This event was put together by Carolyn Belefski of Curls and the DC Conspiracy.  A fine day for sketching and bloodshed.  Mwah ha ha.  Creepy enough for ya?
Surprisingly also went to RISD.  How about that!

This sketch came out great.  She really seemed to enjoy reading the zine too.

Learning about dressage horseback riding.

This guy LOVES baseball and HATES traffic.  Seems ok to me.

Took a zillion photos at the event and seemed pretty much fearless.

Wrote an article for the Washington Post about the event. 
Said of the drawing of her
"I kept looking at it the first day, and I think oddly enough, there's something you captured that almost feels like I'm looking at my own mood, reflected back at me - not even my public persona, but what was going on underneath that.  No one would know that but me..."  That was really amazing feedback on my work.  Meaningful.

Loves music and loved the zine.  I talked up Soul Makossa by Manu Dibango.

Hello Kitty for President

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