Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sketch Lounge Peoples

The Creeper investigated the semi-annual "Sketch Lounge" in Adams Morgan.  Set in a spot called Hierarchy, a sly little basement gallery/bar.  The place was sardined with super talented and hep folks doing their thing.  Art of all sorts was being sketched with talent ranging from moderate to mind blowing.  Hannah Dean gets a shout out because she's of the latter category.  And there was pizza.  Here's what some of the creeped look like. 
Frank protects people from getting roofied.  Cool by me.

Jessica was painting her ass off.  Beautiful.

Had a spontaneous "draw off" with Shoe Man.  Think we all know who took the title.

Shoe Man's drawings.  What's with the monster hand?

Thomas digs art.  He was in good company.

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